What is Nimbuzz ?

Nimbuzz IM is a free mobile and desktop application service that enables people to chat/ call from their mobile phones and desktop applications. Co founded by Evert Jaap Lugt, Nimbuzz IM allows users to add their Gtalk, Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live, AIM, Twitter, MySpace IM, ICQ and Hyves. You can enjoy Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz free call and cheap call via Nimbuzz out or othe VOIP providers to anywhere in the world.


Nimbuzz offers you free messaging, photo, music, and video sharing between Nimbuzz friends, so you can save money on every message!

Nimbuzz connects your phone to the people you want to reach over the mobile Internet. Not over expensive cell phone networks. All you need is a WiFi connection or an unlimited data plan from your mobile provider.

Nimbuzz IM is offered in 9 Different platforms such as browsers,Android, iOS,Symbian, Windows, Mac OS etc.

Nimbuzz won the best mobile IM award for 2011.

How to use VOIP in Nimbuzz mobile ?

How to setup voip in Nimbuzz PC ?


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