Payment methods.

VOIP is an internet technology based service and definitely the most of the VOIP business going over on net. You can buy VOIP credit in online and offline.

Online payment methods mainly the credit and debit card payments and that based methords as PayPal, skrill etc.
Nowdays prepaid card based payments such as Ukash, CashU,Onecard etc also using for buy VOIP credit.

Offline payment methods mean mainly local resellers, shops and local bank trasferes.

Read in this section more the payment methods.

Credit card and Debit card

Credit card and Debit card are the most using online payment methods in the world. All major banks providing this facility to their account holders. Visa and Master card are the leading card network providers and all major VOIP companies accept these cards.


Ukash is the one  major online payment method that using Europe and other part of the world. Ukash is 19 digit unique code that you can purchase from  over 420,000 outlets worldwide, in over 55 countries.





CashU is the leading payment method in the middle east and North Africa area. cashU offers you a free payment account! From the homepage, click on the (Register Now) link then complete the short registration form and continue with the simple steps sent to your email address to have your account activated. Read more..



Onecardis   the  online payment gateway and estore  in the Middle East . Buy VOIP credit without the need to have credit cards or even bank accounts  . You can create a free Onecard account by visit OneCard website.Read more..



Paypal is the leading online payment method  in the world and you can buy VOIP credit by using your Credit and debit card. Once you added your credit card to PayPal then no need enter details in future.



Skrill (Moneybookers) is payment solution based Europe that you can use for purchase the VOIP credit. Skrill support credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express and over 100 payment options.

Local Resellers

Major VOIP companies are appointed resellers around the world. A huge number of users buying credit with this off line method. You can buy VOIP credit from resellers in different way as vouchers, preloaded VOIP accounts and money transfers.

Bank Transfer

Transfer the amount to the Bank account of VOIP company or third party processors and they will debit credit to the VOIP account. The international bank transfer may take days to reach amount to account and transfer charges are high.