Terms of Service

Voip Call is an Internet based Telephone Service System. Telemarketing or other illegal activities are prohibited. Subscribers found to be using the service for these purposes will be subject to immediate disconnection, and or further legal action. Voip Call requires a Broadband Internet connection. Any interruption to the Broadband connection and or P.C connected to that connection could cause Quality of Service issues. Voip Calls are carried over the Public Internet, and therefore the security of these calls is not guaranteed. Quality of Voip Call is entirely dependant of the bandwidth available at both ends of each call.
Calls made are subject to a call set up charge that are mentioned in in respective VOIP providers price chart. Any changes will be notified on respective VOIP providers websites or by email to our existing customers.
RechargeVOIP.comaccept no liability for any direct or indirect consequential loss caused due to the unavailability of the service for any reason weather scheduled or unscheduled. No liability is accepted for any call intercepted, overheard or lost over the public Internet by a third party.
RechargeVOIP.com  Membership is available to bona fide citizens all over the world without discrimination of Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion or Gender. The members are liable to furnish their details truthfully and they are obliged to use and transact through our faculty without any fraudulent intention to manipulate or misuse it. RE.com holds the authority to use all the available scientific means and legal facilities to protect our interests but we are not in anyway liable to the members if their membership facility is being misused by a third-party due to the members' negligence. This membership facility is not transferable and authorized only to be used by the registered members themselves.
Disclaimer: All those who purchase Voip Services from RechargeVOIP.com kindly note that we are responsible to transfer credits to your Voip user account and in any case if we are unable to do it we will return the payment we received from you after deducting the exchange difference or service charges incurred for online transactions. We are not responsible for the quality or availably of the voip services afterward as these services are provided by different companies and we do not have any control on them.