Become a VoiP reseller and make money.

Dellmont is the leading VOIP company from Luxumburg owned by more than 60 brands and most of them very popular like ActionVoip, Smartvoip, Voipdiscount, Jumblo, Freecall etc..
Now you can resell this product and make some money extra for your expense, buy gadgets or something else. Resell credit to your friends, co-workers, and others.
Dellmont VOIP credit selling through online payment options like credit card, PayPal, Moneybookers, cashU, Webmoney, and Ukash. Need credit card for making an online purchase with most of the methods and other methods like CashU, Ukash unavailable in most of the areas. Also, buy credit directly online is costly because they charging transaction, foreign exchange, and other charges. In this situation, local resellers are the best solution for buy VOIP credit.
Become official VOIP reseller is very simple because anybody can join this program, only need an internet connected computer.

How to become a Voip reseller ?

Fill up a simple reseller forum and make your username and password to login to your reseller account.
You need to buy credit for resell with any supporting payment method. You can’t use credit card or other credit card based payment method like PayPal, Skrill for buy reseller VOIP credit.
Use Mcoinz, Onecard, Webmoney, Bank transfer payment methods for buy reseller credit. Voip resellers can also buy credit from TOP resellers from around the world.

Mcoinz  is an electronic payment system, Users are given a unique  digit code representing their prepaid money, can be purchased from one of the reported  participating retail locations worldwide. This can use to buy reseller VOIP credit.

cashU is a prepaid online method available in the Middle East and North Africa, CashU allows two methods for purchase voip reseller credit one is CashU direct pay with cashU prepaid card which available in the market. The second method is purchase with preloaded credit in your cash account. Add funds to your cashU account with different methods as Prepaid card, UAE exchange, Fawry, arabeye , Ukash, unipay etc. But currently CashU not supports the Voip payments.
Webmoney is a Russian based online payment solution can use to buy reseller VOIP credit.
BankTransfer is the most using option, make an international wire transfer from your Bank to Keycollect ( payment processor of Dellmont ) account Switzerland. All details available buy credit section in your reseller account.

TOP resellers is  the another solution for buy voip reseller credit. They can transfer credit to other resllers . Top reseller status only get few selected resellers by Dellmont based on the volume of their business and them available in almost all countries.

Reselling methods.

1.Multiple accounts. Voip Reseller can create multiple username and password for preloaded accounts simply with a single click.

2.Money transfer. Voip Reseller can transfer money between 10 to 25 euro or dollar to any Dellmont VOIP account expect reseller account and some brands. This can do simply from their reseller account.
Voip reseller can transfer credit to more that 70 dellmont brands.

3. Voucher. Voucher is the 16 digit code and the user can redeem this and recharge their account simply. Reseller can generate vouchers of different values (10 euro to 100 euro). Redeem a voucher is very easy.  Just type or copy paste the voucher code after select redeem voucher code under buy credit option.

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