How to pay with Abaqoos online payment system ?

AbaqoosAbaqoos is part of the wave of new e-money companies, changing the way customers pay for goods and services online. From the online VOIP perspective, Abaqoos enables individuals to fund their VOIP account without the need to use a credit or debit card. It works as an electronic wallet service as is common in Hungary and around Eastern Europe. In addition to providing an electronic wallet option, Abaqoos also has a prepaid voucher service that can be funded either by bank transfer or customers can deposit cash at a participating bank. In this review, we look at exactly how Abaqoos works, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the service in this process.

How Abaqoos works.

As mentioned, they offers two services – e-wallet service and prepaid coupon service.
Electronic wallet
Individuals with an OTPdirekt bank account can fund their Abaqoos wallet using online bank transfers. After registering once and obtaining the 14-digit identity code, customers can activate and refill their wallet via electronic banking, telephone or via mobile phone. The e-wallet option is only available to OTP Bank customers. With their e-wallet, customers can fund their betting accounts and re-upload their wallet.

Prepaid voucher
Before starting to use the prepaid  voucher, customers first need to register an account and activate it through an issuing bank linked to Abaqoos. Each bank individually guarantees data protection and security, and users can fund their  wallet for free. Abaqoos has bank accounts with a number of different companies, including: Budapest, CIB, Erste, K&H, MKB, OTP, Unicredit and Raiffeisen etc.
There are two ways for individuals who use the  vouchers to fund their accounts:

Pay cash in one of the above mentioned bank accounts. After five minutes of cash, the voucher will be charged.
Bank transfer. The speed of a bank transfer depends on the working hours of each system of bank accounts.
Prepaid vouchers enable customers to use Epicus without having a bank account, as they can deposit their money in cash at any of the participating banks. Once the money is uploaded to the voucher online, customers can then separate the funds into their VOIP accounts.

What are the benefits and drawbacks

There are advantages and disadvantages of using Abaqoos to deposit funds into a VOIP account:

Advantages of Abaqoos

The main benefit of using Abaqoos is the protection and security provided by the service. Whether using an e-wallet or coupon, customers avoid the need to enter their financial information online.
Individuals who are members of OTP can use the electronic wallet option that allows them to transfer money to their online Abaqoos wallet. From there they can transfer money quickly and efficiently to VOIP accounts and are able to transfer money between Abaqoos, similar to other e-wallet services.

Negatives of Abaqoos

Abaqoos is not available to customers in every country. Since the banks used to deposit funds are located in Hungary and the surrounding areas, individuals from far places do not have the option to use the service to fund their VOIP accounts.


While the  vouchers are accepted by some of the largest VOIP companies across Europe, they are excluded as deposit options by quite a few companies (especially those based in the UK), which limits the customer’s choice to some extent Any VOIP service can use. However, Abaqoos is an acceptable payment type with Neteller e-wallet, which virtually connects to almost all VOIP companies around the world, and therefore although it involves an additional step, VOIP users can bypass the problem by depositing first from Abaqoos to Neteller, then from Neteller to the required VOIP account. The main disadvantage is the Neteller fee for their services.

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