How to pay with Neosurf payments ?

NeoSurfGone are the days when online shopping sites had the option to deposit only with debit cards or bank transfers. Technological advancement has facilitated a major expansion in the number of payment types available to customers online. With concerns about the theft of financial statements, many customers now prefer to use a payment method that does not include entering financial details on the bookmaker’s website. One of these companies that provides a service that meets these standards is NeoSurf.

France-based NeoSurf has been around since 2004 and has continued to grow since then. NeoSurf electronic money is issued and controlled by Kalixa Pay Limited, approved by the UK’s FCA.

How does NeoSurf work?

NeoSurf is ultimately a prepaid coupon service that gives customers the ability to transact online without having to enter their financial details. Individuals can purchase a NeoSurf voucher from one of over 100,000 stores worldwide, and from there they can enter their voucher code number in the required field when using their shopping websites to fund their accounts. By creating a NeoSurf account, customers can view their transaction history, are able to transfer the balance from one ticket to another and can also request a refund of any available funds back to their bank account.

In addition to the prepaid coupon service, NeoSurf teamed up with MasterCard to create the NeoCash MasterCard, a prepaid MasterCard (plastic) card that enables a customer to use MasterCard with millions of merchants around the world. The card can be loaded by bank transfer, credit card, or cash.


There is no requirement to register and clients do not need to submit their financial statements to NeoSurf or to the websites when making a deposit. This is suitable for those individuals who care about online safety when it comes to their information.
Payments are encrypted with Neo Surf using a 128-bit security system.
Since cards are loaded with a certain amount, this can help spend with a websites, keep purchase in control, and help them track their winnings and losses.
When using NeoSurf, any payments on the bet balances are instantly displayed, allowing bets to use their money quickly if desired.


While NeoSurf is available in a number of countries, it has started in France and as a result, the majority of Neo Surf ports are located in France and its surrounding areas. This may be difficult for some individuals who wish to obtain prepaid personal coupons with cash.
Money cannot be returned to Neo Surf cards. Instead, users like bettors should withdraw their money back into their bank account. This may take a few days and usually requires more bets.
While some of the top bookmakers accept Neo Surf, not every French-based payment service company offers a deposit method. This drawback can be overcome with the NeoCash MasterCard (accepted almost everywhere), but those who wish to use NeoSurf vouchers are slightly restricted in their selection.

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