How to pay with PaySafeCard ?

paysafecardThe online market is growing exponentially. Part of the reason for their continued success is the ease with which customers can now fund their accounts. Most VOIP companies started offering debit / credit cards and bank transfers only as ways for customers to add to their bet balance, but deposit options are now double-digit with some of the most established companies. A common method of depositing is to use the Paysafecard and Ukash coupons.

Paysafecard and Ukash coupons allow customers to fund their accounts online as if they were paying in cash. There is no need to enter any personal financial information on any website – individuals simply need to purchase a voucher at any of more than 500,000 stores worldwide, then type the 16-digit code in the online bookmaker’s payment window.

The last merger with Ukash

Paysafecard was originally owned by Wertkarten AG, an Austrian company, but was bought by Skrill (Moneybookers), one of the largest online payment providers, in 2012. In late 2014 Skrill also acquired Ukash, which made it a strong player in Prepaid coupon market. Ukash coupons are still valid in 2015, but as of August 31, 2015, they will not be available for sale. Customers with Ukash Coupons will need to use them before October 31, 2015, before they become invalid. However, those with Ukash vouchers can request a refund for up to 7 years after issuance of codes (they may be subject to a fee). Unfortunately, Ukash vouchers issued in South Africa or Brazil cannot be redeemed due to banking regulations of the countries concerned.


Advantages and disadvantages of Paysafecard.

There are obvious advantages to using a prepaid cash voucher, The online betters also using this method, we included betting related advantages and disadvantages.
Security: Some bettors are reluctant to enter their card details or their bank account information on betting sites on the Internet (especially new sites or those that are not a known name), for fear of compromising their information. The coupon enables customers to add their balance without any security concerns.
Anonymity: In countries where gambling is illegal, using the Paysafecard is a great way to keep anonymous and escape any penalties from the authorities. Although the severity with which illegal gambling is practiced varies greatly by country, it is a safer case than Sorry, as betting transactions can be reported on a bank statement. Moreover, banks in some countries will not accept payments to betting sites, so an alternative is necessary. There is always a risk that this will be discovered when the bookmaker returns the gains to a bank account or issues a check, but there is less opportunity to exit than if you were using a deposit / withdrawal card / bank account.

Separation / Control: Using the Paysafecard helps betting separate gambling money from their daily spending. It also enables individuals to control betting activities and avoid spending more than they can afford.
Of course, there are some drawbacks to using Paysafecards:

Time Consumption: Individuals using Paysafecards must visit a voucher store before they can deposit online.
Availability: Paysafecards are not available everywhere, and people living in remote locations / countries may have difficulty obtaining them.
Limited Spending: With credit / debit cards or bank transfers, customers can quickly add to their account if they find something extra they’d like to bet on, or if there’s not enough money to cover all of their myths. While Paysafecard can be good for controlling betting amounts, it may be inconvenient for those who need to bet quickly but have run out of money.
Paysafecard is a really attractive way for bettors to fund their safe betting accounts. With the recent merger and as solid as Skrill behind the process, the strength of the Paysafecard brand should only continue to grow.

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