Recharge Actionvoip account, how to do it ?

Recharge actionvoip

Actionvoip is one of the leading calling programs that offers cheap calls to mobile and landlines anywhere in the world. Actionvoip is the part of Dellmont Sarl, a company based in Luxembourg. Recharge Actionvoip account is now simple with lots of methods. Actionvoip calling program helps you to call from your mobile, tablet, computer and also from your land phone. Actiopvoip using voice over internet protocol technology to connect your calls.

How works Actionvoip?

Making cheap calls with Actionvoip is easy.
1. Create an Actionvoip account from their website.
2. Buy credit with any of supported payment options.
3. Download calling app or program for your mobile or computer.
4. Dial destination number and make cheap calls.

Recharge Actionvoip account?

Actionvoip offers different types of payment methods to recharge account. These include local methods from all over the world. The major payment methods I am describing below. Euro is the official currency of Actiovoip and all payments in this currency only. If you are using other currency, Euro amount will convert to your local currency with a small foreign exchange charge.

Recharge Actionvoip account with Credit and debit card.

Credit and Debit cards. You can recharge your Actionvoip account with all major debit and credit cards. Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Maestro, Union Pay and Discover are the main companies. Actionvoip not allowing bulk recharge with a credit card because nowadays fraud activities are very common with a credit card. Automatic recharge option available with credit card. Your account will automatically when the balance goes to the amount already set.

PayPal is the most popular payment option that supports credit and debit card. You can recharge  Actionvoip account without share credit card details with other companies. If you have a PayPal account the recharge Actionvoip account is very simple.
Choose payment method as PayPal and log in to your PayPal account and make payment.

Mcoinz is a very good and easy option to recharge Actionvoip account. This is a prepaid card same like mobile recharge card with some digits. This is available all over the world in different values. Just put the Mcoinz code after select the payment option. The whole amount will add to your account after deducting a small fee. Mcoinz supports more than 70 VoIP brands under Delmont company.

International Bank Transfer.

This option is good to recharge bulk amount your Actionvoip account. International Bank transfer payment option mainly using VoIP resellers and Top resellers. The main draw back of this method is needed to pay bank transfer fee and it will take 2-3 days to get the credit. You will get the bank transfer details once you select this as a payment method.

Bitcoin is a well known digital currency. Now Actionvoip supports Bitcoin payments via Bitpay. Use BitPay Wallet, Copay Wallet, Wallet or Electron Cash Wallet to make payment.
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Local Resellers. Recharge Actionvoip account with local resellers is another good option. You will get the details of local resellers after select this as a payment method. Contact the nearest reseller and pay money in local currency by hand or by local bank transfer. Local resellers have two options to recharge your account. Credit transfer to your account and redeem voucher option. Give your Actionvoip account name to a reseller and they will recharge your account from their reseller account.

Redeem Voucher.

Redeem vocher option and Mcoinz are almost same. You just buy a voucher code from your reseller. Just put the code after select Redeem Voucher as a payment option. Your Actionvoip account will be recharged with the same account without any deduction.

Skrill is the new name of Moneybookers. This is a leading payment company support lots of local payment options. This works almost as PayPal and supports more options to load money.

One card is Middle East and north Africa based payment company. Once card recharge cards available all supermarkets in the region and load money to your account with this card. Recharge your Actionvoip account simply login to your Onecard after select this as a payment method.

Webmoney is a Russia based one line payment solution company. Recharge Actionvoip account with this method. Top-up your Webmoney account via Internet banking, Bankcard, Prepaid cards, vouchers, Electronic money, Cash in terminals, Bank branch and Webmoney Exchange offices.

I only mentioned leading 10 payment methods in this article. You can also recharge  Actionvoip account with SafetyPay, Western Union money transfer, Moneta Wallet, Dankort and other some local payment methods.

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