How to pay with Neteller ?

netellerMany online sites are accustomed to only accept bank transfers or credit / debit card payments. Then came virtual e-wallets. NETELLER is one of the original e-wallet providers and is a worldwide name. Their portal allows customers to upload money to their Neteller account, which can then be distributed to the VOIP accounts quickly and safely.

Neteller was founded in 1999 in Canada and spent 5 years in the country before moving to the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. The company is publicly owned by UK Optimal Payments PLC, and has been a pioneer when it comes to connecting e-wallets to online merchants.
In this article, we will tell you how Neteller works, what are the advantages and disadvantages and introduce our general ideas, and in the table below, we mention the best Neteller sites in your country for online betting.

How does NETeller work?

Create a fast and free Neteller account. Clients can upload funds to their Neteller account in a number of different ways. Debit / credit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers and other electronic wallet services such as Ukash are all options. The time it takes to display funds depends on the method used to download.

The majority of bookmakers are tied to Neteller. When they choose Neteller as an option, the user will be redirected to enter their login information and then the required deposit amount will be added to the bet balance. Alternatively, if customers do not have any money in their  account, they will be given the option to upload funds.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of using NETeller:


Security – Using an electronic wallet  provides an extra level of security and can provide peace of mind to customers.  NETeller is a well-established and reputable company with a high level of encryption that protects clients from fraud. This may be reassuring when customers use new bookmaking offices they are not familiar with and are reluctant to enter their bank account number or card details.
Anonymity / privacy – This is very useful for betters, there are a number of reasons why bets want to keep their online transactions private. In some countries, betting is illegal, or it can be highly taxed. With this system, customers can safely bet that receipts from their deposits on betting sites will not appear on their bank statements. Moreover, some countries have blocked payments to online bookmaking companies, and e-wallets like Neteller are helping to circumvent this problem.

Money Flow – Neteller allows funds to be quickly transferred around betting accounts, without having to return them to a customer’s bank account. For a smart bookmaker who loves to use a number of different accounts to get the best odds, an e-wallet like this makes things a lot easier. The withdrawal times for funds transferred from betting accounts to Neteller usually range from 1-24 hours, which is much faster than other deposit methods.


Fee – Every company must earn their money somewhere, and Neteller charges customers for downloading money (however, some methods like bank transfers are free). This varies depending on the payment method used, but most bookmakers do not charge at the moment when depositing directly with a credit / debit card instead of an electronic wallet, so bettors must take this into consideration. There is also a fee when withdrawing money from it again to a customer’s bank account.


Neteller is a great option for VOIP users as well as bettors when deciding how to fund their wager accounts. In the early years, the majority of it’s business was derived from betting sites, and, unlike some other e-wallets, the company fully supports online betting offices. Through high-level encryption and extensive experience in the industry, customers can feel safe knowing that their money is safe and that NETELLER will only engage with prestigious and legitimate companies.

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